Women's Water Polo
California State University, East Bay
Grad Class of 2022
A novel's worth can be said about this group of women. They've showcased both their physical and mental strength through not only their sport, but through a world wide pandemic.
Drive and passion are the best words to describe them and I can't wait to see where life takes them next.
Congrats ladies!
Connor Morgan
Livermore High School, CA
Grad Class of 2022
After 4 years of playing sports, making friends, and establishing his roots at Livermore High, Connor is off to start a new journey. One that will open new doors and experiences that only your time in college can offer.
Best of luck to you Connor!
Ivanna Anderson
California State University, East Bay
Grad Class of 2021
Ivanna entered CSU East Bay in the fall of 2018 as a freshman and played out her time as collegiate water polo player, while also graduating with a BA in Kinesiology.
With a heart on her sleeve, Ivanna has the mindset that will allow her to be successful with any aspirations later on in life.
Congratulations Ivo!
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